Heeled Shoes – Perfect For All Occasions

For many women who have been suffering from plantar fasciitis, or heel pain, the use of high heels is a great comfort. Unfortunately, these womens shoes w/ heels put great pressure on the plantar fascia ligament, the strongest ligament in the human body. If worn for long periods, heels can severely constrict the space available for the ligament to function. As a result, pressure builds up along the ligament. This can lead to inflammation, pain, and eventually, a rupture of the plantar fascia ligament.

Womens shoes w/ heels are usually footwear that is too high for the wearer. They are most commonly worn by women, although some men do wear them as well. High heels are almost anything above 3.5 cm and maybe as high as 18 cm or more for ballet shoes. A simple citation needed to explain what type of footwear a person is wearing when ordered for the customer is heeled shoes (wheeled), with a bladed closure at the end of the heel, flat feet, or flat feet a high arch.

To provide extra comfort and relief, heeled or spool reels have come to the rescue. Originally, the term spool heel referred to the large, three-toed laces of the early tennis shoes. Spool heels were used primarily as dress shoes, often worn by movie stars and entertainers. In the 1970s, they were introduced as an alternative to flats. Today, spool heels, also known as ankle boots, are worn by women worldwide, especially by young women who don’t like wearing heels.

womens-shoes-w-heelsAnkle boots have come a long way since their early use. Today’s women prefer them because they can wear them to work or anywhere else where high heels would not be appropriate. Womens shoes w/ heels or high-heeled ballroom flats, on the other hand, can be worn for formal occasions. Some women still consider high-heeled or ballroom shoes to be too formal.

Ankle boots and high heels both look very sexy, and they bring out the sexiness in women. The major difference between this two footwear is in their height. Heels are usually higher, while ankle straps are usually lower. Ankle strap heels have been known to cause straining and fatigue to ballroom dancers because of their extreme heeled height.

Ballet pumps are another popular option of footwear for ballroom dancers. Ballet pumps were originally designed to be worn with leotards. They are available in wide widths to cater to different foot shapes. They have been adopted by women of all walks and body sizes because of their sexy height and versatile designs.