A Guideline on How to Clean and Care for Your Windows at Home

Windows are among the most important yet heavily overlooked features of a house. It’s a crucial component that provides a different array of benefits and advantages. Just imagine your house without a window. Not only will it look strange, but it will also result in your home is warm and uncomfortable. For your windows Adelaide to last, you need to take the extra step towards proper cleaning and care. We want to extend our hands to you take good care of your windows. That’s the reason why we’ve come up with this guide to walk you through proper window maintenance and care.

Cleaning Your Windows

Windows AdelaideThe most fundamental care suggestion that we have for cleaning window glass are the following:

Spray a considerable amount of store-bought glass cleaner onto your window glass. You can also make homemade glass cleaner by combining ten percent vinegar to 90 percent water. Avoid using abrasives or cleaners that contain harsh chemicals as they might etch the glass. Wait for a couple of minutes before wiping the glass with a lint-free cloth. You can also use a paper towel or squeegee.

Does your window glass has dried paint? Apply a small amount of alcohol or warm vinegar to a clean, dry cloth. Scrub the surface of the affected area. If necessary, gently scrub or gently scrape using a single-edge razor blade. Don’t put too much pressure or it might scar your window glass.

To remove adhesives, crayons or other markings, apply a glass cooktop cleaner to a clean, wet cloth. Scrub gently to remove any markings.

Window Maintenance

Occasionally maintaining your windows Adelaide will make sure that it’s smooth and in excellent condition all the time. It also guarantees durability and longevity. That way, you will enjoy your windows for years to come. Here’s what you’re going to do:

Wipe down the inner part of the window frame using a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust. Make sure you dry wooden frames completely.

Vacuum the window tracks on which the sash operates with the brush attachment. Doing so will remove dirt, cobwebs, dust, and other debris from that area.

If your window is hard to open and close, you might need to lubricate your tracks. You can do so with a silicone spray since it doesn’t attach to dirt and dust.

For more tips on cleaning and caring for your windows Adelaide, be sure to check out our blog page. You can also get pro recommendations from our experts.