Strenuous Activity Following Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplastic surgery or “tummy tuck” is a typical cosmetic surgery process to make the stomach more firm and thinner. The surgery involves removing fat and excess skin from both the upper and lower stomach to tighten the underlying fascia and muscle of the abdominal wall. Unfortunately, while abdominoplasty surgery provides a quick solution to an otherwise problematic problem, many patients find that they still have a few mobility issues years after the procedure. This is often because of improper pre-operation expectations and a lack of follow-up in the months following the operation.

While Tummy Tuck Surgery Adelaide can provide excellent results, patients must also be prepared for any aftercare concerns that may arise from this cosmetic procedure. For example, one of the most common postoperative complications is an early onset of fatigue. This is commonly experienced by those who have undergone more than one tummy tuck surgery or those who are severely obese. While medical treatments can help to reduce fatigue, these treatments are not permanent, and they can, in some cases, make the condition worse.

Strenuous Activity Following Tummy Tuck SurgeryWhile patients need to follow all instructions given to them by their surgeon, it is also good for patients to take a few days off work following their tummy tuck surgery. This is to allow the body to heal and recover between tummy tuck surgeries fully. A week or two should be allowed for proper recovery, including resting and reducing caloric intake. During this recovery period, it is also good to consult with your doctor about the best weight loss program to be followed after the surgery. It is also essential to follow all advice given to you by your surgeon, whether about exercising diet, or lifestyle changes.

After a tummy tuck surgery, many patients need to take on a little extra physical activity. As with any major surgical procedure there will be some pain and discomfort involved following the procedure. This is typically handled by a series of antibiotics that are taken orally. While these can effectively ease pain and prevent complications, patients need to realize that a surgical support person should be available in a fall or other medical emergency.

When a patient considers a Tummy Tuck Surgery Adelaide to improve their appearance or lose a certain amount of weight, they might consider consulting with a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon. This is especially true if they have previously suffered from complications or if they are extremely obese. While surgeons are highly trained professionals, it is important to remember that they are just that: professionals. While they might be very familiar with performing the procedure they might not have extensive experience dealing with all aspects of weight management following surgery.

If you elect to go through tummy tuck surgery and are extremely obese. In that case, your body might retain some weight during the recovery period. You need to understand that the scarring that occurs can be significantly increased if you engage in extremely strenuous activity immediately following the procedure. You should consult with your surgeon about how to prepare for and plan for your post-surgical activities.