The Advantages of Shade Sails Over Trees and Plants

Living in a temperate or sunny environment like most regions in Australia means you will appreciate the presence of shade on your outdoor space. It is not merely about keeping the area cool. When it comes to the prospect of adding something to keep the scorching sun from wreaking havoc, Shade Sails Adelaide offer the most value for the money.

Shade sail installation prevents the likelihood of sunburns and dehydration. It protects your furniture from deteriorating when it becomes overly exposed to the ultraviolet rays. The addition of shade sails on your property gives you these unique perks:

1 – You get a clean and minimalist shade.

Shade sails don’t drop leaves or other debris over the shaded area. It is a crucial point if the sail is over the end of a swimming pool. You do not want your swimming pool to be riddled with unwanted debris that can alter the pH of the water and could cause health issues.

2 – You get an evenly distributed shade.

The shade provided by sails is even. Trees and other plants will give you dappled shade, which means there are spots where sun’s ultraviolet rays will penetrate. If you lay outside, you most likely will get sunburned. Sail material will allow a small amount of sunlight to penetrate, but it is more even, and there is less likelihood for anyone to suffer from sunburn.

3 – You can use the shade sail all year long.

The shade from a sail is there all year, while trees will eventually lose their leaves or have fewer leaves on during winter if they are not deciduous. Hence, the shade from the trees will vary from the summer to the winter. Furthermore, roots from many trees can interfere with foundations or plumbing pipes. The limbs can fall during windy times or sometimes for no apparent reason and with no wind. You do not experience those issues with Shade Sails Adelaide.

Trees grow high, and it will result in having shade in areas that you don’t want to be covered in anything. Shade provided by a sail remains in the same place over time and within the position of the sun. It means you have complete control to ensure excellent shade for anyone who needs it.

Trees will succumb to drought. You also don’t expect them to last when they’re infected with a disease. On the other hand, shade sails don’t succumb to those elements, plus you don’t need to prune them.

Trees and plants need water and fertiliser, but shade sails don’t. In other words, there’s almost zero maintenance if you choose shade sails over trees. The only thing you must do is to have it installed the first time.

4 – It is a convenient solution.

If you wish to get more shade in your yard, consider having a sail installed. It is a convenient and easy solution to get instant shade whenever you need it. You will find it valuable and useful if you add an outdoor feature like a swimming pool or playground for the kids.