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Medical negligence is commonly referred to as medical malpractice and is often used as a generic term for any breach of medical duty by a healthcare professional, nurse, physician or other medical personnel that results in suffering or an injury. It can include a variety of different incidents, from misdiagnosis to ineffective treatment or surgery. No matter the cause of the medical negligence, it has caused anguish for those who have had to suffer or deal with it. However, medical negligence claims are not the only way that you can seek compensation for your injuries.

Medical Negligence ClaimsThere are two main ways to approach medical negligence claims – through court cases and via government legislation. The most common method of approaching a court case is to seek damages from the defendants through the NHS. While many courts throughout the UK take cases via the NHS, some are open to hearing claims through private parties if they can be proved to be negligent. It can be problematic as many NHS hospitals are often large, established and widely known for being very financially successful. Therefore, it may prove difficult for smaller, new clinics to fight their way through the courts.

There are two main types of medical negligence claims that you can make through the NHS. The first type is through clinical documentation, where you file a claim for negligence that results in you suffering an injury because of a health professional’s inappropriate actions. For example, if you sustain an injury from a hospital bed’s carelessness to a nurse, you can claim negligence through the NHS. Another common scenario includes misdiagnosis or incorrect use of medication. While these may not result in any apparent injuries, they still may affect your physical well-being.

Another way to approach claims through the NHS is through medical negligence solicitors. These professionals specialise in dealing with different types of medical negligence claims that have been made against healthcare organisations. You might need to speak to one of these medical negligence solicitors if you have suffered injuries at work or had been in an accident at a public place. They can provide the necessary expert advice on whether you have a case to make or not. While many people think that solicitors only deal with criminal law, there are a wide variety of different types of issues that they can help with. You could find that medical negligence solicitors could help you make claims against doctors, nurses, dental workers or other medical professionals.