Clear Correct – The Benefits

Clear Correct in Adelaide offers a comprehensive system of aligners that can clear correct the alignment of your teeth for both straightening and shaping. The clear aligners offer multiple benefits, including improved oral health, reduced teeth sensitivity, reduced discomfort, improved oral hygiene, and increased oral comfort. When compared with traditional methods of aligning teeth, clear aligners provide an optimal solution that offers long term improvements in your oral health and your smile.

Clear Correct in AdelaideClear Correct is based on the principles of orthodontics and utilizes advanced technology that uses light to control the alignment of your teeth and to provide protection against tooth decay. Clear Correct uses a series of removable, clear, alignable aligners to align teeth. This treatment is available for both adults and children. Clear Correct also treats several other orthodontic problems such as underlines, overbites, improperly aligned teeth, crowded teeth, curved teeth, and other gaps between teeth.

The Clear Correct in Adelaide aligners are made of a composite that includes a flexible polystyrene plastic. The flexible polystyrene plastic is then connected to a flexible, lightweight metal band that wraps around the tooth, creating a mould of your teeth and holding it in place for two hours. Then, the aligner is removed from the mould, washed with an alcohol solution, and dry cleaned. The cleaning and drying process provides a protective coating that helps to protect the metal from corrosion and to prevent any damage to the metal. The polystyrene plastic can be painted to create a customized colour to match the colour of your tooth if desired. Each alignment kit also includes a cleaning brush and an instructional manual that guides you through the application process of each aligner.

As your teeth become more accustomed to each aligner and your daily routines, they will begin to move along a curved path rather than remaining straight. This causes gaps between your teeth, which are visually appealing to others. The clear aligners can also help to reduce the appearance of these gaps by making your teeth appear more symmetrical. This allows you to improve your smile while saving you money by reducing the amount of money you spend on braces.

Clear Correct in Adelaide aligners provide many benefits including increased oral health, better oral hygiene, a better smile, less pain and discomfort, reduced oral discomfort, and many other advantages over traditional braces. The clear aligners are recommended for those with healthy gums and teeth that have not experienced severe damage from cavities, or other conditions.

Clear aligners are available online or at your dentist’s office. Most dental labs have free consultation hours that allow you to discuss your options and to ask questions. The clear aligners are affordable, and the results will last for several years.