How to Buy Artificial Grass the Right Way?

When you plan to cover your garden with artificial grass, your budget isn’t the only thing you will consider. You have to treat it as a considerable investment when choosing to buy artificial grass Adelaide. Keep in mind that an investment that will last for a long time is what you will want and not for a short while only.

You must consider the following factors we shared below when purchasing artificial grass.

  1. Foot Traffic

The level of traffic in the area you wish your artificial grass to be installed should be the first thing you must consider before making a purchase. You will have to choose a turf that is highly durable if you have pets or kids who love to play outdoor games. Take note that installing a less lower-quality artificial grass in areas with heavy traffic will only lead to the turf to wear out much more quickly.  Thus, your choice must depend on how you will utilise it. However, you must also keep in mind that you will be compromising comfort if you choose a highly durable artificial turf. Always ensure that your lawn features a soft texture that is non-abrasive in quality.

  1. Pile Height

The grass blades length from above the backing to the tip is what pile height refers. If you want a lush-looking lawn, choosing a synthetic grass that has longer blades or has a taller pile may seem logical. However, due to gravitational pull, long grasses tend to be heavier. Thus, eventually, it will bend over itself. As a result, it will make your lawn unattractively flat as time goes by. Therefore, go for a pile height of 30-37 mm to keep your garden always looking natural. Also, you should go for a shorter pile height if you plan to place some furniture on the turf as it will offer better sustainability. Plus, regardless of the pile height, you choose, regular brushing of the lawn is a must to keep its blades exceptionally upright.

  1. Colour of the Grass

Olive green, lime green, darker green are only some of the numerous shades available in synthetic grass. If you opt for cheaper turf, it only comes in a single flat green shade, which looks exactly like fake grass. Therefore, it is always best to avoid those products with perfectly green colour when you buy artificial grass Adelaide. If you wish to make it look similar to natural ones, go for the imperfect or light one. Pick a turf that has varying shades of green with some brown in it, too.

Moreover, you must take samples outside to see which one looks great under the sun and will complement your house perfectly. Although you can choose your preferred personal colour, it is always nice to consider the surrounding where you plan to install it.