The Investment on Building Inspection is Something Worth Your Effort and Money

When it comes to buying a house, you cannot let your emotions cloud your judgment. You probably are excited about it, but it is imperative for you to know and understand that it is never a good idea to buy on impulse. Keep in mind that purchasing a property is such a significant investment that needs thorough thinking and decision-making. Since it would be a lifetime investment, it is only reasonable for you to ensure that it would be worthwhile, so you have to make the right decision.


Investing in a pre-purchase building inspection service is a great process that you need to take when purchasing a new home as it can significantly protect you and your investment. Working with a reliable building inspector will assure you that you can live in a house for decades free from any defect or damage. A pre-purchase inspection can dramatically help you achieve your goal when it comes to ensuring that the property you are going to buy will serve best and improve you and your family’s state of living.


  1. You figure out if there are defects.


Our building inspectors will carefully inspect the entire property and list all the defects, both minor and major as it is part of the pre-purchase building inspection process.



The inspection report covers each of the property’s defects with photographs along with a statement highlighting the severity of the damage found by our qualified building inspector. The report will give you full and detailed awareness of the issues found in the property which some might not be visible to the untrained eye. Apart from that, to help you assess whether the repair cost is still in favour of your bid, we will also include a listing of trusted trades that can provide you with quotes to fix the issues.


  1. Use the building inspection report as bargaining power.


You will acquire a good bargaining power once defects will be found in a property and backed up by a professional. No doubt, you can pick up a good bargain yourself once you present your findings to the owner and real estate agent.



Plus, when making a bid, it is imperative for you to consider how much all the repair work will cost you. So that you can significantly fix the issue without going over the budget, factor the prices unto your offer first.


  1. It is a means to protect yourself.


Lastly, when purchasing a new property, a pre-purchase building inspection will provide you with the protection you deserve. Because the Australian consumer law only covers purchases up to $50,000, so when you are buying a new home, you are surely running a risk. Therefore, it is only justifiable to say that hiring a building inspector not only protects your family but your money as well.