Brass Door Handles – Getting The Right Look

Brass door handles are easily available in hardware stores and even in online shops. They are the preferred choice of many homeowners and can be painted to match any room in your house. So, whether you are looking to jazz up the exterior or give your interior a contemporary lift, brass door handles might be what you are looking for. But, before you plunge into the wide selection available, it would be a good idea to weigh your options first.Article 259

If you are thinking of installing new Brushed-Brass-Door-Handles on your kitchen cabinets, there are two popular styles that you can choose from copper and brushed nickel. If a more modern design is more to your liking, or you can go for the antique brass door handles with a brushed finish, you can choose to maintain things classic by complimenting your wooden doors with brushed brass knobs. Likewise, you can choose to go for the same style in the bedroom, but if you would instead go for a more modern look, brushed chrome would be a good choice. And in the bathroom, if you have a more contemporary motif, brushed steel is the best choice.

But if you think of repainting your brass door handles, satin nickel would be a great choice, as it is a little softer than bronze. Spray paint it in the colour of your choice, and then use stencils to create the design you want on the doorknobs. To make satin nickel knobs in a more modern design, you can try spray painting the metal with a stencil outline of an animal then drawing detail of your choice onto the metal. Finally, use bronze spray paint to complete the design.

If you want to install your Brushed-Brass-Door-Handles in a hurry, you should consider doing it yourself rather than hiring a professional to do it for you. This way, you will not spend too much time ironing them. However, before you start spray painting the handles, make sure that you have cleaned them completely using soap and water and that there are no dirt particles left behind. It is important to remove any dust particles from the surface of the brass door handles before you start spray painting them. If you don’t do this, the spray paint could leave some scratches on the surface, which will give your project an unprofessional look.

When you have your brass door handles ready, the next step is to purchase the appropriate amount of paint. You need enough coats of paint for the entire project to achieve the professional look that you want. If you are currently working with a limited budget, you can always start with a couple of cans of spray-painted door handles. You can dilute the paint by mixing it thoroughly with water or oil before applying it to the knobs. You can also use turpentine or paint thinner to thin the paint as well.

Once you have your cans of spray paint door handles in your hand, you need to clean them thoroughly using just soap and water. Remember to make sure that you rinse off the soap so that the handles will not leave any oily residue on the surface. After rinsing them off, you can start working on the project by preparing the surface that you want to paint. Then, using a primer coat, you can paint the brass door handles to obtain a professional look. Lastly, you have to paint the entire project to get a finish that will make you feel like a Millennium boss.