5 Essential Tips When Using a Bale Wrap

Using a SilageWrap bale wrap is essential when it comes to baling and silage wrapping. However, just how knowledgeable are you when it comes to using this fantastic material? To make sure you make the most out of your rolls of plastic wrap, we’ve listed four useful tips for you to follow:

Buy from Reliable Retailers

The first thing you need to do to achieve better baling experience is knowing where to buy the best quality bale wrap. With the number of options available, making your choice can be overwhelming. Bale WrapThat’s why we suggest that you buy from us instead. We’re one of the leading retailers when it comes to premium quality bale wraps. We also have a physical and online store. That means you’ll have options when it comes to getting your bale wraps from us. Either you want to personally purchase your bale wrap, or go with convenience by buying online. It’s all up to you. Just know that we’re your number one partner when it comes to bale wrap and other farming supplies.

Always Go for Round

When Baling using a SilageWrap bale wrap, you should always go for the round shape. The reason is that it’s much more manageable, and is a more convenient way to pack and store your bales. Square is ideal for stacking and transporting. But when you’re storing your silage, you should go for round bales. It ensures better control of airflow and will not hinder the quality of your silage, especially the ones around the edges.

Don’t Go for More than Two Layers

A common misconception about baling is that the more layers of plastic film, the better the results will be. It isn’t quite the case, as it isn’t an ideal economic option. The truth is that; it will only take two rolls for you to cover your bales fully. That means an extra layer is going to be a waste, and you’ll end up wasting money purchasing new rolls of bale wrap. That’s why when you’re going to wrap your bales, make sure you don’t go for more than two layers.

Don’t Reuse

Finally, you need to know the limits of your bale wrap. You can only use your bale wraps once. Afterwards, it’s quality, and protective features will diminish as it has endured the harsh outdoor conditions to make sure your silage is secure. Once they served their purpose, you should replace them with new rolls of SilageWrap bale wrap. However, know that you can still recycle and repurpose your silage bales. Click here to know more about DIY silage bale recycling.