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The Porcelain Painter's Son

RRP $18.99

The contents of this artistic little book proves that the pen that wrote The Grounds of a Homeopath's Faith, the most powerful argument in favor of Homoeopathy ever published, has not lost its old-time power or charm. The Porcelain Painter's Son is a Fantasy, and, something more, much more - it is the spirit of Homoeopathy and the great founder, and every reader will read and re-read it and arise with a truer and higher conception of what Homoeopathy really is.
-The Homeopathic Recorder, Vol. 13

This is a companion volume to "The Grounds of a Homeopath's Faith," and an appendix with the title of "Under which King Bezonian." The author styles it a fantasy on homeopathy and Hahnemann, yet deep down will be found a golden vein of pure science, that will give the reader a new inspiration into the early life of the Sage of Coethen.
But, whether we agree with the author or not, the entire homeopathic profession the world over, will sincerely regret after reading this little book - especially "Under which King Bezonian," - that as yet only these two small volumes have appeared from the most trenchant pen which our school has produced in this century. Oh! that we had a little more such inspiration and admonition as this on page 102:
"When the 'scientific' homeopath-that most perilous of wild fowl assails Hahnemann's teachings in the windy medical journal, or on the floor of the windier medical society, how many homeopathic students are qualified to judge the critic and the criticism? Indeed, I may ask, how many physicians? How many of either have ever read the Organon; how many have given it the serious and intelligent investigation that it both deserves and invites alike from friend and foe? If one is grossly ignorant of the Organon-that declaration of, exposition of, and defense of the principles and practice of homeopathy-by what shadow of right does such an one assume the title 'homeopathic' physician? Does a dabster in the practice, as an art, pretend to a knowledge of the principles, as a science? Has not Homeopathy too many of such pretenders-''doctors.' that cannot for the life of them deliver the goods they advertise? Can the truth, the absolute truth, the simple truth be presented, defended and triumphantly demonstrated by such advocates?"
We trust that every reader of the magazine will buy this book and keep it on the table in his reception room. It will do good.
-The Medical Advance, Vol. 36

Paintbrushes And Arrows

RRP $19.95

In 1875, Ahkah, a 9-year-old Comanche girl, is the only child in a group of 72 Plains Indians brought to the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine for "re-education." Callie Crump, a 14-year-old who has never so much as seen an Indian, begins to teach art classes to the prisoners. At first she is reluctant, but it doesn't take long before she finds herself fascinated by the lives of the Native Americans at the fort. All the while, Akhah longs to return home, but finds comfort in learning an old skill, making bows and arrows to sell to tourists. Paintbrushes and Arrows follows the lives of these two girls and their crafts, which bring them closer together than either could ever have guessed.A Common Core compliant teachers' manual for this book is available through Teachers Paying Teachers.

Barbie : Paint With Water Perfect Pets

RRP $9.99

Children will love the fun of bringing Barbie to life with nothing more than water and a paintbrush.


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