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Military Ethics And Peace Psychology

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First published in 2005. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

North Korea's Military-diplomatic Campaigns, 1966-2008

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This book examines North Koreaa (TM)s nuclear diplomacy over a long time period from the early 1960s, setting its dangerous brinkmanship in the wider context of North Koreaa (TM)s military and diplomatic campaigns to achieve its political goals. It argues that the last four decades of military adventurism demonstrates Pyongyanga (TM)s consistent, calculated use of military tools to advance strategic objectives vis A vis its adversaries. It shows how recent behavior of the North Korean government is entirely consistent with its behavior over this longer period: the North Korean governmenta (TM)s conduct (rather than being haphazard or reactive) is rational a " in the Clausewitzian sense of being ready to use force as an extension of diplomacy by other means. The book goes on to demonstrate that North Koreaa (TM)s "calculated adventurism" has come full circle: what we are seeing now is a modified repetition of earlier events a " such as the Pueblo incident of 1968 and the nuclear and missile diplomacy of the 1990s. Using extensive interviews in the United States and South Korea, including those with defected North Korean government officials, alongside newly declassified first-hand material from U.S., South Korean, and former Communist-bloc archives, the book argues that whilst North Koreaa (TM)s military-diplomatic campaigns have intensified, its policy objectives have become more conservative and are aimed at regime survival, normalization of relations with the United States and Japan, and obtaining economic aid.

A Tragedy Of Arms : Military And Security Developments In The Maghreb

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The Maghreb--Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Tunisia--is a region overburdened by unnecessary military expenditures. Despite persistent civil conflicts and militarized regimes in a number of countries in the region, there are actually few genuine external threats, and the armed forces are now largely used to maintain internal security. A detailed country-by-country assessment of the effectiveness of military forces, and their impact on regional economics, shows that the region remains a mosaic of conflicting national ambitions, but strategic ambitions have been supplanted by internal conflicts, tensions, and politics. Declining military budgets are leading to declining military strength and capability, but they belie the Maghreb's potential for armed conflict and human suffering. Even though the Maghreb is a supplier of oil and natural gas, which usually ensures the attention of the West, this tragedy of arms gets little attention from the outside world. This means that the prospects for the region are continued wasteful military spending, and the resultant harm to national economic and political health.


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