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Chasing A Military Cross - A Self-help Guide To Researching Your Relatives' Military History.

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A self-help guide to researching your relatives' military history based on a personal search for the World War 1 battle in which the author's grandfather was wounded in action and awarded a gallantry medal. The book contains tips for your own research, useful websites and advice on visiting the scenes of battle. It is based around the story of the author's own search of family papers, online resources and a visit to the Somme area in France.

A Military Genius

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In commencing the attempt to portray a very remarkable career (Anna Ella Carrol, 1815-1894 ) I had hoped for the cooperation of the person concerned so far, at least, as the supervision of any statements I might find it necessary to make. But it was decided by her friends that it would not be well for her at present to be troubled with new projects, or even informed of them. It was at first a serious disappointment to me and seemed to increase my difficulties, but as I was allowed access to sources of family information I have been enabled to present a sketch, slight and inadequate, but authentic, and greatly desired by many distant friends. With continued improvement in health I trust that the wishes of Miss Carroll's friends may be better met by an autobiography taking the place of the present meager and imperfect sketch.

Computerised Test Generation For Cross-national Military Recruitment

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oaeComputerised Test Generation for Cross-National Military RecruitmentAE by Prof. Sidney H. Irvine is a handbook for use in occupational psychology, test construction and psychometrics. The book describes the development of the British Army Recruitment Battery (BARB) by Prof. Irvine and his colleagues at the University of Plymouth. BARB is a computer-administered selection battery that is still in use to this day and is capable of developing new parallel tests for every candidate in the recruitment process. In telling the story, Sidney Irvine describes not only the development of the battery itself, funded by the UK Ministry of Defence, but all the work that went on before and afterwards, in the United Kingdom, with European allies and in the United States. Prof. Irvine argues that judicious application of the current state-of-the art in psychometric selection tests can be used to maximise retention and minimise attrition. As such, this long-awaited book will be of great interest to psychologists, psychometricians, test developers, those involved in personnel selection and all with an interest in military history, in particular the history of military science. With a foreword and chapter introductions from a worldwide array of subject matter experts, the book also has a full subject index and an extensive bibliography. I commend it heartily. o u Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes CPsychol CSci FBPsS, Former Defence Consultant Advisor in Clinical Psychology, Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom.


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