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Is Building Construction Approaching The Threshold Of Becoming Unsustainable? - A System Theoretic Exploration Towards A Post-forrester Model For Taming Unsustainable Exponentialoids

RRP $304.99

This book is a bold attempt to tackle a broad, difficult and important topic: sustainability in construction. At the outset, it marshals a large amount of insights and understanding from prior literature to bear on the focused topic. Given the extraordinary nature of the problem, the author is compelled to create a specific methodology, up to the task. The analysis leads to a redefinition of the concept of sustainability, and to a suggested method for ascertaining the requirements set by sustainability targets to construction. This is a well-justified, pragmatic method, which has face value and shows promise. All in all, the book is of interest not only through the suggested method, but also as a synthesis of facts, thinking and understanding related to sustainability in construction. Professor Lauri Koskela, School of the Built Environment, University of Salford, UK.

Probabilistic Techniques In Exposure Assessment

RRP $28.55

At this time when regulatory agencies are accepting and actively encouraging probabilistic approaches and the attribution of overall uncertainty among inputs to support Value of Information analyses, a comprehensive sourcebook on methods for addressing variability and uncertainty in exposure analysis is sorely needed. This need is adroitly met inProbabilistic Techniques in Exposure Assessment. A host of expert contributors provide a straightforward introduction to the practical tools for addressing variability and uncertainty in support of environmental and human health decision making. 151 graphs, plots, charts, and figures supplement a broad range of detailed and practical examples.

Exposing Jack The Stripper

RRP $16.99

Jack the Ripper may get all the fame, but his 1960s counterpart, Jack the Stripper, will really send shivers down your spine. At least six women, all prostitutes, were murdered at his hand--possibly more. Most intriguing of all...he was never caught. The crimes, though often forgotten today, inspired the crime novel "Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square," which Alfred Hitchcock turned into the 1972 movie, "Frenzy." Go inside the hunt for this brutal killer in this gripping short biography.


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