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Chartism And The Chartists In Manchester And Salford

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In 1845 Frederick Engels wrote that 'Manchester is the seat of the most powerful unions, the central point of Chartism, the place which numbers the most Socialists'. There have been many local studies of the Chartist struggle for democratic political reform, but there is no major study of the movement in the Manchester-Salford conurbation, its most important provincial centre. This book brings an innovative approach to an exploration of aspects of the Chartist experience in the 'shock city' of the industrial revolution.

Is There A Distinctively African Way Of Knowing (a Study Of African Blacksmiths, Hunters, Healers, Griots, Elders, And Artists)

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This work investigates knowledge systems intrinsic to African civilizations to ascertain ways in which those systems can help validate or invalidate the argument pertaining to the existence of an African epistemology. This approach calls for a paradigm shift in conceptualizing and researching African epistemology free from Eurocentric and Afrocentric biases. Humanity has come a long way, from identifying edible fruits and grains in the wild to genetically engineering crops; from worshipping the sun to landing on the moon; and from learning to mummify the dead to transplanting living hearts and decoding the human genome. This historic progress thus summed up stands as a testimony to humans' constant quest for an increasingly more systematic and more useful understanding of the world around them if they were to continually improve their living conditions and give meaning to their multidimensional existence. From that premise, the present work attempts to scrutinize the concept of knowledge and, using selected African knowledge systems as case studies, it investigates the notion of African epistemology and argues for a new paradigm for conceptualizing, researching and substantializing it.

The Artists Of Poland

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This is a comprehensive biographical dictionary of Polish artists from the fourteenth century to the present day. Nearly 1,300 men and women who have made lasting contributions in the fields of painting, illustration, sculpture, stage design, architecture, tapestry, etching, and other media are listed alphabetically. Included are those native to Poland, those of Polish descent, and those born elsewhere who produced their art in Poland. Each entry provides the artist's name, biographical information, medium employed, and overall contribution to Poland's artistic tradition. Photographs accompany many entries.


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