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What's So Great About Mozart?

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His name is one of the most recognizable in the history of classical music. He learned much from the musicians that came before him, and he inspired generations of musicians after him. His work with the piano and strings was revolutionary at the time, and it continues to stun and amaze people today. You could listen to hours of his music, and still only scrape the tip of the iceberg. His name was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and he was fated to go down as one of history's greatest musical innovators. He grew up in a world in which music was changing, and he joined the musical revolution. Mozart was called a genius during his life, and he is still called a genius by many today. But why? What did he do that was so great? If anyone can learn to write music, what made his music so special? Why will Mozart be remembered for centuries to come? Here we will explore Mozart's life and what it meant to the world. You may know Mozart's name, but perhaps you've wondered, "What's so great about him?"This book (part of the "What's So Great About") series, gives kids insight into life, times and career of Mozart.

Cartularium Saxonicum 3 Volume Set

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Walter de Gray Birch (1842-1924) worked in the Department of Manuscripts at the British Museum from 1864 to 1902 and published extensively in Anglo-Saxon studies. He is best known for this collection of over 1300 charters, in Latin and Old English, originally published in thirty-two parts between 1883 and 1893 and now reissued in three volumes. The funding for Birch's project eventually ran out, and the work ends at 975 CE. However, for the period covered, Birch's edition, which drew extensively on recent Victorian scholarship, superseded John Mitchell Kemble's 1839-48 Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici (also reissued in this series), which had been the first attempt to publish all the surviving Anglo-Saxon charter texts. Like Kemble, Birch organised his collection chronologically: Volume 1 covers the fifth to the ninth centuries, Volume 2 contains material from the ninth and tenth centuries, and Volume 3 focuses mainly on the tenth century.

The Angel Of Artillery Hall

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The Angel of Artillery Hall tells the story of a homeless waif who falls in love with a photograph of a dead World War I hero, one of many on display in a paradoxical setting of weaponry used in the war. At stake is the larger issue of the gallery's survival and its struggle to keep alive mementos of the past in the face of rapidly changing times.


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