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Paintball Markers

Paintball markers are the very most important piece of equipment in regards to playing the paintball game. Paintball markers are actually the guns, and are used to shoot paint ball onto an opposing pl........ Read More

Framing And Hanging Oil Paintings

The frame gives a more finished look to the oil painting and helps define the boundaries of the artwork. The marriage of a frame with an oil painting may be harmonious or discordant, enhancing or dist........ Read More

Auto Paint How To: A Basic Guide

Whether you are just interested in re-spraying a small area to cover up some paint chips, or want to treat your car to a custom paint job that will let you enjoy envious stares from every pedestrian y........ Read More

Where To Play Paintball?

There are various types of paintball fields that offer a challenge and excitement to players. Paintball fields add to the overall enjoyment of the sport. Woods “Woodsball” as it is referre........ Read More

How To Do Face Painting

Face painting is extremely popular with children of all ages. If you want to learn how to do face painting you will find it is quite simple to do, but ideally you should be reasonably good at drawing ........ Read More

Buy Cheap Paintball Masks

Paintball masks are the most important safety equipment for paintball players. They act as protection for the eyes from the harmful chemicals that are contained in paintballs. Since the eyes are the........ Read More

Rifled Paintball Barrels: Increase Accuracy On Your Aim

If you play paintball, then you know about the much heated debate about the best type of paintball barrel to use. Some say that smooth barrels offers more distance and accuracy, while others say that ........ Read More

3 Steps To Picking Out Your Dream Paint.

Moving into a new house can be quite an experience. You are totally in a new zone, surrounded by new ceilings and floors near stairs in an entire new layout. You want your home to look the best, so ........ Read More

Paintball And Thermal Lens

If you want to be a good paintball player, you should have the ability to spot your opponents immediately before they find you. Once you spot an opponent, you have to aim and shoot. That way, your opp........ Read More

Review: Spyder Paintball Guns

• The Kingman Spyder E-99 The Kingman Spyder E-99 is a fast gun, durable and can be upgraded and modified to increase its performance level. The Spyder E-99 is a gun that can perform out on ........ Read More

Popular Paintball Markers

These are some of the best and most popular paintball markers/guns available on the market. Spyder Electra: This model, which is the most expensive in the Spyder series of paintball markers, costs on........ Read More

Steps To Framing An Oil Painting

Framing an oil painting is not cheep, but it's definitely worth it as sometimes frames are a great compliment to a painting. But how can you tell a good framer from a mediocre one? First, if you........ Read More

Paintball Sneak Attack Tactics: The Devious Ploy

Since its inception, paintball has remarkably developed into a global spectacle. Nearly 9.6 million players have participated in the game since 2004. Its popularity continues to proliferate there........ Read More

Learn All The Techniques Behind Good Painting

To be good something in creativity is always determined by all the techniques that have been used to make it good and attractive. Same in case of painting but we think that its an easy job and one can........ Read More

Paintball – Smoke Grenades

Many people all over the world are now getting hooked with paintball. As compared to other gun sports, paintball is not dangerous or harmful. However, if you don’t have the right equipments, you can........ Read More


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